What does our Product line do?

With a Covert Carrier, the user can carry concealed, in appendix fashion, with "Total Handgun Concealment." It is a Deep Cover option for small framed single stacked handguns.


I. Stainless Steel Metal Fastener

      a) Metal Fastener attached to an AMT 45 grip & an RM 380



The platform of the CovertCarrier® product line is our after-market Add-On stainless steel fastener. The fastener can be added to many narrow profiled pistols with a removable grip panel; however, installation (milling of the panel) is required*. This application is suited for Caliber sizes ranging from 22 to 45.

II. Universal Grip Sleeve(s):

      a) Large Sleeve installed on a Glock MDL 27 & a  Glock MDL 26 (Left Handed Sleeve)


      b) Small Sleeve installed on both a Ruger LCP 380 & a Kel-Tec 32


Right Handed Small Sleeve                                 Left Handed Small Sleeve

For Polymer handguns, or one where installation of an add-on fastener cannot be performed, we offer the Universal Sleeve. Universal Sleeves come in two sizes: Small and Large. To install simply place a sleeve over the handgun's handle and you are ready to go.

III. Replacement grip

       a) Seecamp Replacement Panel & an NAA 380


CovertCarrier  replacement grip panels are designed for Beretta Tomcat and Bobcat - 21a;  North American Arms 25, 32 and 380 semi-automatics and Seecamp 25, 32 & 380 pistols. To install our grip panel on a handgun, merely remove the threaded screw or screws which are used to attach the factory grip or OEM panel to the gun.  Then remove it and replace it with a CovertCarrier grip.

CovertCarrier  products work best with small frame, or "hide-out" guns, which can be carried in an "inside the waistband" (IWB), deep cover mode; Once a CovertCarrier  has been added to a firearm, the gun can be carried concealed as either a primary or a back-up weapon.

  • CovertCarrier is simple and reliable;
  • CovertCarrier is form following function;
  • CovertCarrier means TWC.™

The CovertCarrier  Will Not interfere with the securing, presenting or firing of a handgun. Plus, there is no nylon, leather or fabric to wear out.

Buy Now get FREE S&H, a 30 day money back guarantee** & lifetime warranty.

* Stainless Steel Add-On Fastener's require installation.

**See FAQ page for complete details.